In order to provide open access, our journal uses a business model to offset expenses, by charging an open access fee to the authors, institutions or funders for each article published. These fees include those of the journal’s production, online hosting and archiving.

The ability of authors to pay the open access fee does NOT influence the peer review process. No fee can be paid prior to the final positive decision of the reviewers and the editor in charge, regarding the article proposed to be evaluated in order to be published.

Open access fee for authors:
– for EU member states: 100 EURO;
– for USA: 120 USD;
– for Canada: 130 CAD;
– for developing countries: 70 EURO; Exceptionally, authors from these countries may propose a grant application to the administrative board, for covering this open access fee. Depending upon each particular case, the fee can be covered by the LUMEN Association/LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, the governing body of our journal, for up to 100% of the cost.