Pornography as a Biopolitical Phenomenon

Pornography as a Biopolitical Phenomenon | Aura-Elena SCHUSSLER

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to approach the pornographic field from the perspective of the Foucauldian biopolitical system, of biotechnologies and the digital sphere, where sexuality represents the area of manifestation for the new power games, within the limits of a global and technological capitalism. The general objective seeks to approach the issue of sexuality and pornography from the perspective of posthumanism and postgender as new forms of knowledge-power, of the shaping and supervision of the individual, where biomedicine and pharmacy are the key to the standardization of the body and its sexual performances, through technological immersions. The theoretical objective is aimed at demonstrating the fact that, in the current conditions, the pornographic world is going through a major shift in paradigm due to the virtual space of biodigital machinery, together with artificial intelligence. This is how it is possible to shift from the utopic world of pornography (pornotopia), to the dystopic world of pornography, which is governed by technology and the technologization of human nature. The methodology used is argumentation and Foucauldian philosophical criticism, Deleuzian deconstruction and argumentation, based on the philosophy of Derrida and Žižek, in the approach of a perverse biopolitical system.

Keywords: pornography; sexuality; biopolitics; biotechnology; posthuman; biodigital; postgender.