Postmodernity and the Solidarity Dilemma – a Challenge for the Contemporary Couple

Postmodernity and the Solidarity Dilemma – a Challenge for the Contemporary Couple | Iulian APOSTU

Abstract: The analysis of the existing social researches in the field of conjugal couple shows that the contemporary social mentality still values solidarity as being an important value for the conjugal functionality. However, the increasingly frequent social tendencies show that solidarity alters more and more into becoming a type of solidarity “of the other towards myself”. It gets consistency up to the extent in which it is attributed to the other, not to one’s self. Therefore, from an individualist perspective, solidarity appears ement understood as being the other’s moral responsibility. This new orientation tends to reconceptualize solidarity which is being pertained the very fusional aspects in favour of those related to the personal ideal. The reason to stay together no longer involves solidarity of purposes or mutual ideals, the partner becomes means of resource for fulfilling the personal ideals and the coherence of the new solidary orientations derives from the extent to which the other also fulfills his individual ideals through his partner. Thus, solidarity is no longer substantiated by commonly developed and fulfilled values, but it emerges as a consequence of individual fulfillment through the other. This article aims to present a possible theoretical explanation of social mentalities that could explain functionality through a structural reconfiguration of solidarity.

Keywords: solidarity; conjugal individualism; conjugality; conjugal values; postmodernity.



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