The School in Europe [L’école en Europe]

The School in Europe [L’école en Europe] | Jan GOESAbstract: The recent history of European integration has been marked by the Treaty of Maastricht (1992) which established an economic union, monetary policy among the 15 EU countries. This treaty allows among others the free movement of goods, products, services,including the free movement of persons. Regarding education, note ERASMUS, SOCRATES, exchange programs for teachers and students are well known. The exchange of ideas proved fruitful, and the year 1996 was devoted to improving education and training in Europe, while 2001 was declared the European Year of Languages. There are obviously many differences between the education systems of European countries. You can see the shared values and common objectives, but also differences, it is probably important to retain, if we do not want uniformity.
Keywords: Education, the European school.


The School in Europe