Value Immersion and Value Regression: on Moral Aggregation of Virtual Communities

Value Immersion and Value Regression: on Moral Aggregation of Virtual Communities | Narcisa Loredana POSTEUCA 

Abstract:  The scope of this research paper is to analyze the value integrative-models that can be applied to the virtual interactive constructs, but also to delineate the correspondences established between identity, self and value representation. Concerning the social acquirements that can be distinguished at the level of virtual communities, it is necessary to follow the immersion/ regression processes through which a value layout is settled.
Concerning the User’s ability to mediate this value progression in various networking sequences, an analysis of the content transfer modalities between the social agents and occurrences is required. Along with the axiological functions that a virtual interactive project can sustain, a new issue arises: does the social cyberspace actually support a moral layer?
Between projection and representation, virtual identities merge specific patterns of valuation and assessment that reflect different virtual scenarios. Therefore, the finalities of this study are oriented towards the interpretation that value criteria and ethical standards attain within a viable/feasible virtual community. Questioning the value transfer regularities, the moral imaginaries and the metaethical subject predicaments involves a clear delineation of the virtual cultural elements in a new, (post)modern perspective.

Keywords: Values, Interactive constructs, Integrative model, Metaethics, Virtuality, Moral values, Agent, User, Avatar, Virtual discourse.