Difficulties in Building the Physician–Patient Relationship: the Physician’s Perspective

Difficulties in Building the Physician–Patient Relationship: the Physician’s Perspective | Mihaela RADOI, Adrian LUPU & Daniela COJOCARU

Abstract: The necessity of empirical research in the field of medical services provision is highlighted both by the numerous modifications within the legislative framework (through which the medical system is organized and functions) and by the dysfunctionalities within its existence.
The study proposes to pinpoint the factors that may influence the quality of the physician–patient relationship. We identified factors at the level of communication between physician and patient, of empowering and involving the patient, of understanding the patient, of the patient’s way through the system, and of relating to a “second opinion.” We also present solutions identified by physicians for optimising these relations. The study is based on the analysis of 12 interviews conducted with physicians within public and private institutions in Ia?i. The topics of discussion focused on the following aspects: physician–patient relationship, physician’s trust in the patient, particularities of trust relationship, patient empowerment and involvement, level of patient’s information, “the second opinion,” physician’s experience as a patient (or as caregiver). The paper brings attention to the difficulties pinpointed by physicians, in their relation with both the institutions and the patients. The main aspects identified are related to the way in which the physician–patient relationship is shaped, to the difficulty of communicating the diagnosis (mainly determined by the way in which the patient understands the diagnosis and becomes involved in the treatment).

Keywords: trust, communication, physician–patient relationship, patient’s empowerment, patient’s involvement, “a second opinion”.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18662/po/2015.0601.09