The Fashion Blogosphere in Romania. Fashionscape and Fashion Bloggers

The Fashion Blogosphere in Romania. Fashionscape and Fashion Bloggers | Anamaria TOMIUC & Oana STAN

Abstract: As a consequence of the expansion of social media, this article explores the growing popularity of fashion blogging in Romania, by pointing out the existence of three categories of blogs that render the particularities of the contemporary fashion blogosphere. Within this classification, fashion blogs are viewed as a form of social activity providing interaction spaces, promotional spaces and analytical spaces that arouse curiosity, inspiration and desire and create a unique experience for the reader, a specific mood that incites both engagement and sharing. Furthermore, this research investigates the transition towards fame and reputation of the fashion blogger whose (trans)formation as a trendsetter, attention leader, endorser or taste-maker and knowledge creator plays an essential role in the genuine fashionscape (the established fashion system, industry and fashion media). The research was conducted on 21 of Romania’s top fashion blogs, focusing on an elaborate layout and content analysis of these blogs, as well as on the analysis of their feedback (public comments), their development and evolution (in time and number of followers) and their interconnectedness with other social media such as Facebook and Instagram. The findings of the analysis reveal that the fashion bloggers create a unique interaction with their readers that leads to the reshaping of the Romanian fashionscape by generating discussions concerning style, lifestyle, and fashion trends and influencing the buying behavior of these readers. Thus, the fashion blogosphere becomes an important component in communicating and promoting fashion. This research also reveals that through their influence on their fashion audiences, the fashion bloggers have the ability to function as important social actors, observation which opens up this study to future research.

Keywords: fashion blogosphere, social activity, fashionscape, fashion blogger.