Reality or Myth? Considerations Regarding the Aggressiveness of Patients with Schizophrenia

Reality or Myth? Considerations Regarding the Aggressiveness of Patients with Schizophrenia| Marius NEAGU, Carmen CALOTA, Bogdan-Daniel CHIRILA, Simona-Irina DAMIAN, Irina Smaranda MANOILESCU & Beatrice-Gabriela IOAN

Abstract: Schizophrenia is one of the most invalidating mental disorders due to its onset at an early age, the long term evolution, and the negative impact on the social, professional and relational life. The correlation between schizophrenia and violence is very complex and only partially predicted by symptomatology, an important role being played by family and social factors. This study aimed to identify the clinical and socio-demographic factors associated to the aggressive behaviour of the schizophrenic patients. The study group included 183 patients admitted in the Clinical Hospital of Psychiatry “Socola” between 01.06.2013-30.12.2013. The main result of our study was the positive association between schizophrenia and aggressiveness. Also, correlations were found between the patients’ socio-demographic characteristics and violence, and the association of the aggressive behaviour with substance abuse like psych stimulants and other somatic diseases. Knowing the risk factors for aggression is likely to support effective methods for risk reduction of marginalization and stigmatization of the patients with schizophrenia, facilitating their integration into the community and reducing the economic, social and health burden created by this disease.

Keywords: schizophrenia, aggresion, risk factors.