About the Evolution of the Human Species: Human Robots and Human Enhancement

About the Evolution of the Human Species: Human Robots and Human Enhancement | Loredana TEREC-VLAD & Daniel TEREC-VLAD

Abstract: Science and technology have made huge progress, enhancing the human species in the evolution process. The topics related to change, knowledge and new technologies implemented by the individual were considered taboo over 30 years ago; however, nowadays the focus is increasingly laid on the human condition and welfare. Considered to be the latest trend in contemporary philosophy, transhumanism has faced plenty of criticism in terms of human enhancement. It is not surprising that some researchers in the field believe that the access to information and power can lead to a new totalitarian system; therefore, they are sceptical regarding the fact that the society tacitly accepts the invasion of robotics in everyday life. Within this paper we plan to emphasize the fact that human enhancement is not only about human welfare but, on the contrary, scientific information can cause serious harm to the society and the human species, given that the access to information and new technologies may entail consequences such as the division of the society into: inferior species and superior species. On the other hand, despite the positive aspects of the scientific discoveries, they also have hidden sides, which I plan to analyze throughout this paper.

Keywords: Bioethics, human enhancement, human species, evolution, new technologies.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18662/po/2014.0503.05