Risks and Opportunities of Individual Growth in Postmodern Society

Risks and Opportunities of Individual Growth in Postmodern Society | Sorin Tudor MAXIM & Oana LENTA

Abstract: The present volume brings together a number of original researches, of good academic value, aimed at analyzing the impact of postmodern society on current human inner growth. These approaches so very different in their areas of coverage – from Figure of Kidult (Bernardini, 2014) and the influence of technology on individual welfare (Choudhury & Barman, 2014) to the impact of consumption theory on the postmodern consumer (Bouagina, 2014) and the relationship between visual feminisms – postmodernism (Manolache, 2014) – could be well suited to the meditations of Senecca (Epistolae 33.11), according to which “the truth is accessible to everyone; it is not fully taken. A lot has remained from it, even for those who come from now on.” The volume includes also some new perspectives on building a new ethical expertise model, trying to define the supervision of ethics (Caras, 2014) and a review of the various approaches to the concept of ethnic community, starting from the classical ones and ending with the postmodern ones (Fedor, 2014).

Keywords: Postmodern Society, Figure of Kidult, individual welfare, consumption theory, visual feminisms, supervision of ethics, ethnic community.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18662/po/2014.0502.01