Perspectives for Reconstruction of Ethical Expertise

Perspectives for Reconstruction of Ethical Expertise | Ana CARAS (FRUNZA)

Abstract: Lipovetsky’s statement regarding the postmodern society, according to which “the XXI century will be ethical or not be at all” makes sense in the context of its development on the grounds of a common morality concerns, the problematic of ethics in the public sphere being increasingly fierce. There is an abundance of ethical regulations in the public services and policies, requests for codes of ethics, which involves compliance to standards, obligations and ethical practices. The public sphere is invaded by abusing ethical practices reports and lack of transparency in public decisions. Violent media informs us about the cases of incompatibility, conflict of interest, manipulative practices, etc.. There is an excess of normativity and institutionalized practices in the Romanian society.
We try in this paper to present the meanings of ethics audit in social services and the need to implement an ethics audit process in organizations which offer social services, in order to achieve the transition to a new model of ethical expertise – supervision of ethics.
We consider the supervision of ethics a process re-construction of autonomy and professional responsibility and of the moral agent ability of the practitioner by making their own moral standards compatible with those of the organization, namely the professional community.

Keywords: ethics audit, supervision of ethics, social services organizations, social ethics, ethical practices.