Philosophical Pragmatism in the Digital Era

Philosophical Pragmatism in the Digital EraMarius Constantin CUCU & Oana Elena LENTA

Abstract: The view of the philosophic pragmatism warns against the growing danger of the technological modernization of the human being in the mechanization era, which is gradually transforming and approaching a digital era. Authors such as R. Rorty believe that only the return to the paradigm of the human reality separated from metaphysical ideals could keep us away from exacerbations of ideas and the dehumanizing automatisms of technology. In the view of pragmatic philosophy, the human being is not a mechanic, operational construction; on the contrary, he has a consciousness that opts for free actions, which may prove, in the end, to be genuine or not, thanks to the success or due to the failure in the concrete reality. The aim of this article is to underline that the digital era must be perceived as a product of human ingenuity and its applicative potentialities and should not be seen as the domination of techne, but only as a stage of the developments in the technologies that must assist our life.

Keywords: pragmatism, solidarity, contingency, irony, technical modernization and violence, quotidian (routine), action, real.