Table of contents | Volume IV, Issue 3, September 2013

Postmodern Openings | Volume IV, Issue 3, September 2013 | DOI:

Pornography and Postmodernism | Aura SCHUSSLER
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0403.01
Structures with Noun Predicative Actants in Romanian | Aurelia HANGANU
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0403.02
The Effect of a Policy of Mandatory Use of TurnItIn by Graduate and Postgraduate Online Students on Reducing Unoriginal Writing | Peter P. KIRIAKIDIS
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0403.03
Empirical Analysis of Cultural Effect on Purchase Behavior of Indian Consumer | Vaibhav MISRA
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0403.04
Death in the Vision of Doctors. An Anthropological Perspective | Simona DAMIAN, Antonio SANDU, Roxana NECULA, Mihaela BIZGAN, Beatrice IOAN
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0403.05
Book Review. Interdisciplinary Approaches in Social Sciences Editor: Daniela Soitu, Cristina Gavriluta, Antonio Maturo, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Printing House, Iasi, 2013 |  Mihaela Dana IGNAT
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0403.06

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