Structures with Noun Predicative Actants in Romanian

Structures with Noun Predicative Actants in Romanian | Aurelia HANGANU

Abstract: This article discusses one of the types of structures with predicative actants: those actants that manifest predicative actants expressed by nouns with verbal value, as well as the actantial structures organized by the nouns with verbal value. It should be mentioned that in the specialized literature these nouns are known as verb nominalisations, being also identified as a special category of action names. It should be noted that the research aiming at the expression of noun “verbality” (and implicitly of the predication) manifests controversy as regards the approached topic. We will consider the nouns with verbal value as bearers of verbal meaning, nominalising a predication and thus also able to nominate, in structures, the participants in the situation – the actants.
Key words: semantic-syntactical structure, predicative actant, verbal value, valence, noun, nominalisation.

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