Table of contents | Volume IV, Issue 2, June 2013

Postmodern Openings | Volume IV, Issue 2, June 2013 | DOI

Postmodern Anticipations with E. A. Poe | Lucian-Vasile SZABO
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0402.01 
Caputo in a Nutshell: Two Very Introductory (and Slightly Critical) Lectures | Mark MANOLOPOULOS
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0402.02
Human Rights in the Context of Deepening Integration of East African Community (EAC)  | Richard MUKO OCHANDA, Paul KISOLO WAKINYA, William OMONDI ODIPO
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0402.03
Factors Influencing Student Nurses’ Perceptions of Success and Failure in Second Language Writing – A Classroom-based Study |  Hung-Cheng TAI
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0402.04
Review of the volume Applied Social Sciences: Sociology, edited by Patricia-Luciana Runcan, Georgeta Rata and Mihai-Bogdan Iovu, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013 | Ana CARAS
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0402.05
Review of the volume Social Work Practice: Research Techniques and Intervention Models, author Antonio Sandu, LAP Lambert Publishing, 2013 | Ana CARAS
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0402.06
Review of the volume Relatia medic-pacient, editors Liviu OPREA, Cristina GAVRILOVICI, Mihaela- Catalina VICOL, Vasile ASTARASTOAE, published at Polirom Publishing House, Iasi | Ana CARAS
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0402.07