Table of contents | Volume IV, Issue 1, March 2013

Postmodern Openings | Volume IV, Issue 1, March 2013 | DOI
Postdoctoral Studies in Ethics and Health Policies | Beatrice IOAN
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0401.01
Psychosocial Determinants of Organ Donation Intentions and their Relevance for Public Campaigns | Andrei HOLMAN
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0401.02
Medical Liability in the Context of the Civil Liability “Crisis” | Lacrima Rodica BOILA
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0401.03
Respect for Human Dignity. Ethical and Legal Reflections Regarding the Breach of the Obligation to Inform the Patient | Lacrima Rodica BOILA
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0401.04
Ethical Criteria in the Allocation of Organs for Transplants | Adina KARNER-HUTULEAC
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0401.05
The Rroma Family in the Context of Terminal Illness | Stefana Maria MOISA,  Mariana ENACHE,  Gabriel ROMAN,  Andrada PARVU,  Rodica GRAMMA
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0401.06
Advance Directive from the Romanian Social Cultural Perspective | Silvia DUMITRAS,  Mariana ENACHE, Andrada PARVU,  Stefana Maria MOISA,  Catalin IOV,  Beatrice IOAN
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0401.07
Framing the Cancer Patients’ Life Experiences and Attitudes: a Psychosomatic Approach | George MACARIE,  Ruxandra FILIPESCU,  Ana Voichita TEBEANU
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0401.08
Factors with an Impact on the Perception of the Value of Health and Disease in the Romanian Cultural and Socioeconomic Context | Rodica GRAMMA,  Andrada PARVU,  Angela ENACHE,  Gabriel ROMAN,  Silvia DUMITRAS,  Beatrice IOAN
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0401.09
Communication with Roma Patient – a Challenge | Andrada PARVU,  Rodica GRAMMA,   Angela ENACHE,   Gabriel ROMAN,   Laszlo FOSZTO,  Silvia DUMITRAS,  Stefana MOISA,  Beatrice IOAN
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0401.10
A Comparative Study on the Palliative Care in Romania and France |  Mariana ENACHE,  Rodica GRAMMA,   Silvia DUMITRAS,  Stefana MOISA,  Catalin IOV,  Beatrice IOAN
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2013.0401.11