Postmodern Openings journal aims to promote academic excellence in social sciences and humanities in reference  to postmodernism and postmodernity in the context of globalization. The journal addresses the academic community across the world, expressing its openness especially for promoting young researchers. We encourage both the approach of postmodernity as civilizational period, through publishing papers that address postmodern studies, as the approach of postmodernism as movement who expresses specific developments in the field of critical theory, philosophy, architecture, art, literature and culture.

The journal has a disciplinary orientation being privileged positions from areas of :

  • cultural studies,
  • philosophy,
  • culture and contemporary philosophy,
  • philosophy of language,
  • semiotics and sociology of culture,
  • ethics, etc.

All these areas are intertwined around the idea of postmodernity and cultural, philosophical, scientific openings , particular to postmodernity. These research areas are subscribed to social studies and humanities fields.

The mission of the journal is to provide a cultural catalyst debates in post and transmodernity, starting from understanding the cultural paradigms mentioned above.

The vision of Postmodern Openings is a global one, addressing the academic community, being published articles resulting from theoretical or empirical research. Articles resulted from theoretical and empirical research are subject to a peer review process

Postmodern Openings Journal is an open source journal and is available free of charge.
No copies in printed form will be distributed free of charge.
Postmodern Openings has a non  commercial  attribution and  no derivatives creative Commons License.
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