Ethical Dimensions of Supervision in Community Assistance of Chronic Patients

Ethical Dimensions of Supervision in Community Assistance of Chronic Patients | Simona DAMIAN, Roxana NECULA, Ana CARAS &
Antonio SANDU

Abstract: The supervision process of community care services offered to individuals suffering from chronic illnesses, beyond an exchange of information between professionals in different power relations should be conducted on a formal basis, to be conducted under a partnership between the multidisciplinary team intervention, the intake supervisor and  community where the intervention takes place, in accordance with the requirements of the domain in which the supervision is realized, and on a specific ethic base which has as central the value of social and personal autonomy of social service recipients of community-based rehabilitation. Supervision, as a method of support for professionals, aims to improve workplace performance by removing stress that can occur and affect work performance. The supervisor support and increase the supervisee’s motivation, developing a performance work environment, following the highest professional standards and ethics of intervention. In this paper we propose to evaluate a series of supervisory practices, for the ethic point of view, and also relating them to value self-respect and strengthening the client’s autonomy, and specific consent from this group, and it particularities in the social services.

Keywords: rehabilitation based on community, supervision, social services, ethical standars.


Ethical Dimensions of Supervision