Decision-Makers in Romania`s Foreign Policy – Further Interpretations of the Diplomatic Arena between 1877-1888

Decision-Makers in Romania`s Foreign Policy – Further Interpretations of the Diplomatic Arena between 1877-1888 [Actori decizionali in politica externa romaneasca – noi interpretari ale evolu?iei scenei diplomatice
din perioada  1877-1888]Aura Carmen SLATE

Abstract: This study reflects further interpretations of the Romanian diplomatic relations with the most important European states at the end of the 19th century. The starting point of this work consists of archive sources, official documents, originally studied both in Romanian and in French. Although the study goes back in time, it is relevant in order to explain the Romanian diplomatic culture and its behavior in foreign relations. Romanian diplomats, as well as the most important institutional actor, which was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, struggled to achieve two different political purposes. First of all, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aimed to develop and reform the foreign institutional political body. The context at the end of the 19th century prepared Romania to gain her new, updated status in the diplomatic world. Different stages, from Diplomatic Agencies, to real Embassies abroad, revealed the beginning of a dynamic and professional Foreign Policy. Second, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made every effort to promote Romanian’s Independency all over the world. The characteristic feature of that time, which was explored in the study, is the political effervescence in diplomatic bilateral relations. Last but not least, the acknowledgement of the Independency in 1877 and of the Royalty in 1881 would not have been possible without such a notable and outstanding activity of Romanians diplomats. In conclusion, we notice that the reformation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the international achievements imply a remarkable evolution of Romanian’s diplomatic scene.
Keywords: Romanian Foreign Policy, diplomatic activity, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Great Powers, Embassy, Ambassador, Ambassador Plenipotentiary, Consular Convention, Diplomatic report, Independence, Independence War, diplomatic acknowledgement, political affiliation strategies.


Decision Makers in Romania