Table of Contents | Volume VI, Issue 2, December 2015

Postmodern Openings | Volume VI, Issue 2, December 2015  | DOI:
The Self-Reflexivity of Social Action | Bogdan POPOVENIUC
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2015.0602.01
Post-Structuralism and Politics: towards Postmodern Balkan Studies | Sanja LAZAREVIC RADAK
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2015.0602.02
What about Eternal Life? A Transhumanist Perspective | Loredana TEREC-VLAD
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2015.0602.03
Ethical Considerations on Advertising to Children | Iulia GRAD
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2015.0602.04
Preliminaries to a Social-Semiotic Model of Communicative Action | Antonio SANDU
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2015.0602.05
Value Immersion and Value Regression: on Moral Aggregation of Virtual Communities | Narcisa Loredana POSTEUCA
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2015.0602.06
Building Place Identity through Heritage | Alexandra PACESCU,  Vlad THIERY
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2015.0602.07
The Effect of Study Island Software on Grades 9-11 State Scores in Literacy | Peter P. KIRIAKIDIS, Rodney L. GERNERT
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2015.0602.08
About Security, Democratic Consolidation and Good Governance. Romania within European Context | George POEDE
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2015.0602.09
Identity Change in the World of International Migration | Carmen Cornelia BALAN
Full Text PDF | DOI 10.18662/po/2015.0602.10