Emotional Intelligence – Self-education and Education by Example

Emotional Intelligence – Self-education and Education by Example | Carmen Maria CHISIU

Abstract: Children today are different because the world is different. As a teacher, as a parent can stand in front of them with authority he must have personal value. Only the personal value makes the educator   an education authority that is worth loving and following, a stimulator for training and becoming. Only the personal value derived from the above features makes the teacher a loved and followed education authority, stimulator for the little man’s training and becoming. Expressed in psychological terms, it is necessary that the teacher should be emotionally intelligent. Although the term is relatively new, as for the approach, the emotionally intelligent teacher does  nothing else than to follow the advice of great scholars of his time and to respect the psychological and pedagogical principles of the Three Hierarchs. Regardless of the  subject taught: religion, science, languages, civic, parenting, the goal is the same: the  formation of a young man with a mind well furnished, reconciled with himself and the others, responsible and engaged in age-specific activities. For that we need a real reform, genuine and effective, which should start with educating the educators

Keywords: emotional intelligence, self–education, education by example, art of education, observational learning.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18662/po/2013.0404.05